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Sai abhinay chepuri, who is Founder of 2 startups, is a trendsetter of new era agricultural practices. He is known for his work towards society.

He understands how to work with environment and grasp the modern technologies. India is making a huge step towards modern technology for becoming digital India. Therefore, technology around us increasing rapidly. Sai feels that every INDIAN should be aware about the modern technology and their skills.

Sai who is himself expert about modern technology and rural development and helping farmers and many other small-scale industries to shift them towards modern era and make them understand how to use it.

He say’s “the modern technology has made us much aware about the world, it made us stronger and more secure than before in difficult situations. sooner we INDIANS are going to see a rapid change in agricultural sector with use of modern technology, better we must be prepared ourselves and prepare the villages and make them aware about technology.”

He adds more “Although most of villages of INDIA is familiar with technology with a little knowledge about it, but it is time to go deeper into how to use it asellus loop holes, because many people are taking advantage on technology and making many illegal activities. thus, update our skills in many areas like how to use technology, what else going in backend. that where people get aware about technology and earn more knowledge.”

Sai Abhinay chepuri is helping and motivating farmers and villages to develop in the areas of technology. He is even helping the farmers by doing agriculture with modern agriculture techniques and exploring more in the field of agriculture to find more practices and more new techniques. His approach is more nationalist in this regard. He says “we must unite not only in aspect of nation but also in every aspect so that we can develop easily.”

Sai abhinay chepuri is an inspirational leader with great vision, mission and patriot by birth. He is someone who believes that nation succeeds with support and strength of farmer. He is totally and always in favor of nature working towards nature. HE is definitely a man with true definition of modern agriculturist and environmentalist.

I Want to Lead a Life where everyone knows me and keeps me in their hearts , minds with a very good name and happiness. 
                                                                 - Sai Abhinay Chepuri

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FOUNDER/Manging Director
Enviropromise Pvt Ltd