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21-year-old Telangana lad gives hope to farmers

At an age when many of us dream about securing a job and maybe look for opportunities in higher studies, Karimnagar-born Sai Abhinay Chepuri has already set up two companies and is looking at setting up his third one soon. Taking inspiration from his father and grandfather who were not just businessmen but also do-gooders, this 21-year-old Telangana boy started two companies with a vision to help people in need in his way. His efforts have helped 25 Telangana farmers with about 185 acres of land .

The first venture called Make It Memorable (MIM) was set up in 2018 to help youth with skills get jobs through events that it organizes. Another startup set up in 2020 called Enviropromise helps farmers with new-age agriculture practices and through its sub-brand, Freshspouts sells the farmers’ produce. The startup has already helped 80 farmers in four States with urban farming techniques and the app helps farmers understand organic farming techniques through artificial intelligence and is available in 50 native languages.

“I have always been a nature lover since my childhood. I was born and brought in Yangal in Karimnagar district and being around farmers has been part of childhood. While my father was a businessman, he never shied away from helping people in need. This has stayed with me even after I moved away from my village and went to Lovely Professional University (LPU) for my engineering. As I was part of the placement committee in college, I thought about starting my first venture MIM, and have helped about 70 people find jobs,” said Abhinay Chepuri.

However, his entrepreneurial journey did not stop here as he wanted to do something for the farming community. And after discussing many ideas with his peers and college professors, the idea of Enviropromise took shape and in the last year of its launch, the company has worked on 500 acres of land in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala.

Going ahead, Abhinay is looking at the recycling technology space and is working on an idea of transforming plastic into brick and looking at replicas of plastic as well. “We will start looking for funding from June. We have about 60 employees working in both the startups and once I complete my engineering, I plan to shift base to Hyderabad and hire more people once I set up my office here,” said the youngster

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