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Sai Abhinay Chepuri: I grew up in a small village in Telangana. We were the richest in the whole village. We had 10 cars, approximately 50 employees, we were also the one who introduced telephones in our village during that time. But when I was 4 years old, my father came into a huge debt that resulted in a huge loss—We had to sell all our properties and assets and yet we could not pay everything. We did not even have any money to eat. But slowly and steadily we could come out of that phase and lead a normal life and things are the same ever since. 

Currently, I am 20 years old and I am on the verge to complete my from the Lovely Professional University. 

Like my Father, I also share the same enthusiasm to help people. I started my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18. I constructed it in such a way that I can help people through it. 

Make it Memorable Creative works: It is another initiative to help connect people. Our motive is to give exposure to people who are masters in their industry. We do it by referring them to the right people, people who can help them in making their career. 

So far we have managed to help 10 photographers, 15 editors, 2 biotech engineers, and many more by giving jobs or work.

Last year, I received an award by the SWI international as the Emerging Entrepreneur of India for my initiative and that made me feel proud. 

Enviropromise: We want to promote agriculture by educating the citizens about its importance which is good for the people and the environment. 

My team and I visit villages and we help the farmers and the local people in educating about farming. We guide them as to how they can increase their productivity and sales. We have also built our website so we can sell them online. So far, we have helped 150+ farmers and will continue to do so.

My father is my biggest inspiration for life. Even after, losing almost everything, He was ready to put everything at stake just so we don’t lose smiling. 

My only and only dream is to be able to help people to a larger extent by following my father’s “ethics of life”.

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