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SAI ABHINAY CHEPURI: An Indian Entrepreneur, writer and moreover A man with Huge heart

Sai Abhinay Chepuri , is an inspiring Entrepreneur to this modern era teenagers . He is very much distinct for his ideologies and implementations over his journey . He is always relevant to present young entrepreneurs . He always looks for growth but the growth is for farmers how they are developed and how customers are getting quality in their products.

This 20 year old , holds 2 companies himself where one deals with helping People in their life to choose what do next in their life as councilor and also helps them to by giving jobs or showing them a way in their life . Until now 50 photographers , 10 videographers , 8 editors have been given life . The second help’s farmers to cultivate Organic Farming and helps them in giving guidance in agriculture and also by educating them .He also made an effective website and application where people can buy products directly from farmers and get products to their doorstep in eco-friendly manner , he named this startup as ENVIROPROMISE : Promising Nature – Promising Farmer

FRESHSPOUT:Healthy Family – Healthy India(where he sells all organic products) .

He is Pursuing his (cse) from Lovely Professional University , Punjab . originally he is from a small village of Telangana . A small Village boy set to claim huge humanity , respect and fame . He has unique Personality and already won many peoples heart and blessings.

In short abbhinay’s respect in the society is evidence for his hardworking and helping nature .

He always says , “Give a man a fish you feed him for a day , Teach a man to fish you feed him for lifetime”

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