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At an age when young graduates are usually busy finding their footing in a highly competitive world, 20-year-old Sai Abhinay Chepuri, is not just a successful entrepreneur but is even helping others land jobs. Through his startup — Make It Memorable (MIM) — the final year B Tech student has so far assisted about 70 people, who are talented but not adequately educated, find employment by connecting them with big corporate firms.

“Right now, my startup is helping photographers and videographers land well-paid jobs. In the near future, I intend to work with mechanics, electricians, masons, among others, and help them in getting full-time jobs,” the student of Lovely Professional University told TOI adding that his startup has not charged a single rupee from these 70 people.

While a majority of those he works with, Chepuri said, has immense talent, they do not know how to showcase their work or build a portfolio. They also lack communication and soft skills. “So, my professors provide basic training to these people at free of cost. Going forward, I plan to charge a nominal fee so that I can help more people,” said Chepuri, who launched this startup in his first year of B Tech.

A resident of Karimnagar, the young entrepreneur said he has lau Madhya Pradesh chief minister and BJP central board member Shivraj Singh Chouhan launched another startup—Enviropromise — which currently has 10 employees and 10 interns, and is in talks with Thumb and venture capitalists for funding.

“Through this startup, we are going to work in four different areas. Firstly, we will be directly working with farmers and teach them efficient ways to produce crops and provide them a platform to sell fresh and organic food items. We will also manufacture and sell recycled products,” said Chepuri adding, “I intend to produce bio-diesel/bio-petrol from waste and manufacture electric and solar vehicles too.

” Though family members and friends, he admits, never expected him to start a venture so early in life, the engineering student says he’s always aspired to be where he is today. “Starting my own company was my life’s biggest goal. I am glad I have achieved it early in life as doing so gives me an edge and opportunity to take more risks,” Chepuri said.

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